• Mini Huskies $1200-$2500

Mini Husky/Eskie Pups I have 3 awesome little boys here. Also 4 girls. They're a gorgeous blend of Alaskan Klee Kai and Miniature American Eskimo. They are very good-natured little dogs friendly, mellow temperament but plenty of energy to keep up with your exercise and recreation routines. They very smart learning to use the bathroom in a designated area of the yard. Their mother Kira has the beautiful dark Husky markings and their father River is a pure white, show quality, UKC registered, Mini American Eskimo. They are the perfect size and temperament for apartment living. Not barky or yappy.
BREEZE - $2000 (female). She has gorgeous Husky markings like her mom but a slightly fluffier coat. According to the growth chart, she will be right around 20-22 pounds.
AUTUMN - $2500 (female) SOLD
SNOW - $1200 (male). He's such a pretty boy. He's very white like his dad but has the slender Husky build like his mom. He has a nice personality and is not at all pushy or domineering as some big brothers have a tendency to be. He's the biggest and is going to be 28 pounds according to the chart.
BLAZE - $2000 He has a gorgeous fluffy coat with beautiful markings. So PRETTY! Blaze will be about 23 lbs.
SPRUCE - $1200 (male) He is SO handsome and friendly. He's white like his dad but has the build and sturdiness of a Husky. He's charting at 28 lbs.
SEQUOIA - $1200 (female) She's beautiful just like her purebred Eskimo daddy. Soft and fluffy like a Teddy Bear.
WILLOW - $1500 (female) SOLD
JUNIPER - $2500 (female) She is going to be small. Only about 14 lbs. She is such a love with beautiful markings and a fluffy coat.
MAHOGANY - $2500 (female) SOLD
I have lots of pictures and videos so email me, text me or call me for more information. Kathy 541-218-9958 mylittlehusky@att.net
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Miniature Husky
PostedNovember 04, 2017

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