• Goldendoodle puppies F1B

We have a beautiful litter of F1B Goldendoodle puppies. We have a beautiful cream to apricot, They were born May 8 th and will be ready to go the first week of July at 8 weeks.The puppies will be standard size, so they'll be about 50-60 pounds. They will have a low to non-shedding coats with hair and not fur with cute curly coats which makes them a wonderful dog for those with allergies or who want a companion with out all the shedding. The puppies are perfect in every way.They are family raised, playful,fun, well socialized with lots of love and affection, as well as around kids and other animals. I've handled them every day since birth so they're used to lots of love. The puppies will have lots of fun time with the grandchildren for the early social beginnings to the real world around them. Also get exposed to the family cat, other dogs and other farm animals we have here.
The puppies come with not just one vet visit but they with two vet visits. One at birth and one just before they come home to you. This insures that puppies are healthy and gives you and I both peace of mind that you are getting the healthiest puppy you can get. The parents have been certified through Paw-Print Genetics and negative for all hereditary defects. Hips and elbows have passed with good and normal results through OFA.
All of the puppies have already had their dew-claws removed at their first checkup.They will all have one more checkup, receive several rounds of de-wormer, and will have their first vaccinations from the vet and not given at home. They also get a microchip before coming home with you.
Daddy is a Standard Poodle that comes in at about 50 pounds.Hes a super mellow guy that loves to snuggle. He is very low maintenance as far as his energy level and he doesn't require much exercise outside of his yard. He's just a pretty chill dog.He has a funny sense of humor and is always making us laugh with his silly antics. He is a little more human like then any other dog I've owned. Leroy was super easy to train. Poodles are extremely smart and a well bred Poodle will not be hyper at all. If you are looking for the service dog quality then this is one of the more important traits to have.The second is the super low non shed coat. Leroy is just amazing. I'm sure his pups will carry on that wonderful temperament that everyone is so fond of.
Mom is a first generation Goldendoodle. Right about 45 pounds. She's an absolute wonderful family dog and a outstanding companion.She was also a superstar in obedience classes, eager to please, sweet and friendly. She's a bit of a social butterfly and thrives on human interactions.The reason I tell you this is this is the type of character you will get when you take home one of our puppies.This combination of traits makes them outstanding therapy dogs, as well as terrific family companions that are very easy to train and are very intuitive of their family's needs, which is why they do well in every setting and family situation. Our dogs are amazing and are the center of our universe. Mom has very much that Golden retriever temperament and is a very gentle soul, loves children, loves everyone actually. She has enough energy to make the best of a trip to the mountain, out hiking or even a walk on the beach. She's calm enough to enjoy a lazy afternoon chilling out at home. Just a well balanced dog in general. Both breeds are amazing in their own ways. So Puppies will have wonderful temperaments and share their parents great qualities.
They come with 24 months OFA guarantee for hips and elbows and 1 year congenital defect guarantee . Puppy pack includes a bag of puppy food, water dish, a special blanket that smells like the momma and litter mates.
We except checks for deposits but Cash at pick up please.
Reserve one of these little buddies to be your lifelong companion today!
You will be able to put a non refundable deposit of $500 to hold your puppy until they're of age.The total price for the puppy is 1400. due at the time of pickup. I'm located in Clatskanie Oregon Call, text or email at 503-369-4029 or Teddybeardoods@gmail.com I will be happy to answer any questions you may have to help you to bring home the most amazing puppy ever.
(503) 369 - 4029
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PostedJune 11, 2019

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