World Famous Rockstar is the only Lilac and tan Clear Point Frenchie bulldog stud in Oregon. I bought him a year and a half ago for 50,000 dollars. His DNA is atat dd bb kyky NN. Double tan, double blue, double chocolate, no pied, no brindle. He is one of the most valuable and rarest stud dog in the World. Just recently I discounted the stud fee price from $5,500 to a sliding scale price according to color of your female Frenchie and what she can produce!!

Sliding Scale fee of $800 to $3,500.... or puppy back, pick of the litter.

Sliding scale is as follows:

Unpapered frenchies 800

Standards, fawns, pieds, etc.. 1,000

Reds and Standards that can produce blues, tans or chocolate stud fee is 1,500

Blues and chocolates 2,000

Blues and Chocolates that can produce Lilac or Blue and Tan or Chocolate and tan stud fee is 2,500

Lilacs 3,000

Lilac and tan 3,500

We also have puppies available of all varying price ranges and color and DNA. Contact us to reserve a puppy! 541 690 6568. Its only 500 dollars to reserve a puppy.

Rockstar is a proven stud having huge litters... averaging 6 puppies upto 11 puppies a litter. Fully AKC Registered dog, born 11-7-2017. Amazing quality, great fun loving personality, big head, flat face, stocky body, exotic Lilac and Tan color!! Rockstar carries 10 out of 10 of the rarest genes in the World. Making Rockstar the rarest, most exotic French Bulldog stud in the World!!

If your female is a standard color and does not even carry one rare gene and you decide to breed your Dame to Rockstar then all their puppies will be tri carriers!! Tri carriers means all their puppies will carry one copy of tan, one copy of blue and one copy of chocolate!! Then if you take this tri carrier female puppy and breed her in the future to Rockstar then their puppy combinations would be insane!

They could have blue puppies, chocolate puppies, lilac puppies, blue and tan puppies, chocolate and tan puppies and even lilac and tan puppies!! Breeding to Rockstar is a definite Game Changer for your breeding program!! You can't miss out on this opportunity! You won't find a better deal anywhere that suits your female for the right price anywhere! We bred Rockstar for the best quality and personality you will ever find! If you are a serious breeder or just want the most adorable French Bulldog puppies your female can ever produce then you must come and see for yourself the rarest and most exotic French Bulldog stud in Oregon!

Rockstar produces HUGE litters! His last two breedings Rockstar bred to a blue fawn tri carrier female and produced 8 puppies that threw a litter of 2 Lilac and fawn carry tan, 1 blue tri carrier, 2 blue and tan and 3 lilac and tan clear points and the very next litter after that Rockstar bred to a lilac and tan female and they produced 7 lilac and tan puppies!! A 100,000 dollar litter! To meet Rockstar and schedule a professional breeding call or text Robert at 541-690-6568 or email at robhisamoto@gmail.com. Have a wonderful day!

Our companys name is Angels Rare and Exotic Frenchie... www.angelsrareexoticfrenchies.

We having varying studs including World famous Rockstar. We average 5 studs a day between all our 17 Kennels. We ship semen and puppies all over the World.

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PostedJune 17, 2019

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