• Female Mini Schnauzer Puppy who Loves Everyone

Beautiful purebred black female mini Schnauzer.. A cute little white beard has just started to show up ~ too cute! She is extremely loveable who loves everyone and everything, including cats and other dogs. She is the type of girl who can't be left alone. If you work, it would be better if she had another dog to play with. She can't stand it when I leave the room. My only saving grace is that I have another puppy she can play with. She is an intelligent dog that likes structure and loves to run.
She is a purebred with no papers so she can't be breed. She is now 14 weeks old. I usually hold until 16 weeks to make sure there are no health problems which there are none. She needs her second round of shots and has been wormed and tail docked. She is 95% potty trained!
She now weighs 4 pounds. She will get around 7 pounds max, 6 if she doesn't eat properly.
~~Cash Only~~
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Mini Schnauzer
PostedApril 16, 2018

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