• F1b Goldendoodle Puppies, M&F, Red to Gold.

Here's our 2017 litter from Tansy, our 50 pound blond/gold goldendoodle, and a 60 pound red standard poodle named Kevin is the sire. We raise these healthy babies in our living room with ample cuddling. This litter has 2 female and 6 males that are available. Colors range from gold to red.
These pups will be ready to go to their new homes by July 28th. We are now taking $250 deposits for pups from this litter.

We choose our breeding parents for their gentleness and intelligence as well as for being beautiful and healthy dogs. Our dogs mingle peacefully in our home as our pets and all puppies are delivered and raised in our home as well. All pups will have first shots, wormed and first vet check-up. Parents tested for hips, knees, heart and eyes. We will send you home with packet of information about their background and care.
F1b Goldendoodles are often blessed with hybrid vigor, which occurs when first crossing two unrelated purebred lines. The resulting dog is often healthier than either of the parent breeds. We specialize in raising these F1B Goldendoodles, a first generation Goldendoodle bred with a Standard Poodle. This will produce pups known as F1b for families like us who have allergies or need a low-shedding pet. Hybrid vigor only occurs in F1 and F1b generations.

We chose to raise goldendoodles instead of labradoodles due to the goldendoodles requiring less exercise, consistently better coats and longer life span. We consider these pups to be the best companion animal we can breed for a family pet.

We space our litters to allow healthy breeding for our dogs. We do not dock dew claws since Guide Dogs has stopped this practice (outlawed in other countries) and our Veterinarian assures us there is no reason to put pups through this.

For photos of the parents and our past litters and testimony from our puppy owners, see our web site.
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PostedJune 27, 2017

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