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We are looking for just the right homes for our dogs Emma and Ruby. They are 8 and 9 years old and in good health. They have always been outdoors or in our barn with attached kennel. They are not house trained. They could still be trained. They would be fine in a dog run or kennel when they are not with you until then as that is what they are used too. They love people and will stick close to you if you are outside but would require a fence yard as they will wander if left alone. They still love to chew on things and carry things around just like all retrievers. They will bark if anyone or other animals come around their home but are otherwise quiet. We will not place them with anyone with small children. They are not used to them. We would prefer a retired person or couple. We would prefer separate homes for them as they would be much easier to house train that way and would each get all the attention they each desire. We are not desperate to find a home for them but feel whey would be happier in homes where they dont have to compete for the attention with several other dogs. They can be crabby at times with all the other dogs. However each could do well with one other older dog as a partner I think. However, they are protective of their food and will not share they should be fed separately. They are retired breeding dogs and the mothers to two of our dogs and grandmothers to two of our youngest dogs. We have raised golden retrievers for over 30 years. We have not looked for a home for them in the past as it is nice to show them as the grandmothers to people who got puppies from our younger dogs. But due to time and space we think they could be happier with new families. They will be spayed and up to date on shots before going to their new home. We are not looking to sell or receive any money for them. We will give them to the right person or family as long as they can provide a good home for them. Please contact us if you feel you may have the right situation for either of them. Please realize if you wish to have them inside they will need constant supervision or confinement until trained.
Thanks for your consideration.
Please call 253-535-2497 or email for more information.
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Golden Retriever
PostedJune 13, 2017

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