• Sound Transit

SOUND TRANSIT, located at Union Station 401 S. Jackson Street Seattle WA, is seeking coverage under the Washington State Department of Ecologys Construction Stormwater NPDES and State Waste Discharge General Permit.
The proposed project, Lynnwood Link Extension, is generally located adjacent to the east of Interstate 5 from approximately N. 107th Street in Seattle to approximately NE 200th Street in Shoreline WA.
This project involves 66 acres of soil disturbance for the construction of 4.9 miles of dual track light rail transit, two passenger stations and parking garages located at NE 145th ST and NE 185th ST. Also included will be demolition of existing structures, modifications to existing and new construction of roadways, intersections, new and relocated utilities.
The receiving waters are Thornton and McAleer Creeks.
Any persons desiring to present their views to the Department of Ecology regarding this application may do so in writing within thirty days of the last date of publication of this notice. Comments shall be submitted to the Department of Ecology. Any person interested in the departments action on this application may notify the department of their interest within thirty days of the last date of publication of this notice. Ecology reviews public comments and considers whether discharges from this project would cause measureable change in receiving water quality, and, if so, whether the project is necessary and in the overriding public interest according to Tier II antidegradation requirements under WAC 173-201A-320.
Comments can be submitted to:
Department of Ecology
ATTN: Water Quality Program, Construction Stormwater
PO Box 47696, Olympia, WA 98504-7696
PostedNovember 15, 2017