Notice of Public Meeting of the Sound Transit Board of Directors to Consider Authorizing Acquisition of Certain Properties Necessary for Sound Transits Lynnwood Link Extension Project, through Negotiations with the Property Owners, and by Eminent Domain (Condemnation), if Necessary. Attention all parties holding an interest in the following King County Tax Parcel Numbers located in Shoreline, Washington: 7568700780, 7568700775, 7568700770, 8680300005, 3222200020,
3222200010, 0411100005, 288170TRCT (2881700220, 2881700219, 2881700225, 2881700227, 2881700222, 2881700221, 2881700231), 2111600090, 7301400200, 7301400070, 7301400060, 7307000050, 5727500113, 7305300345, 092710TRCT (0927100091, 0927100093, 0927100092), 0927100082.
Sound Transit hereby notifies you of a planned public meeting of the Sound Transit Board of Directors to consider the adoption of a Resolution to authorize the acquisition of property interests in the above referenced parcels, through negotiation with property owners, and by use of eminent domain (condemnation), if necessary. The meeting will be held at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday the 22nd day of March, 2018 at the Sound Transit Ruth Fisher Boardroom which is located at 401 South Jackson Street in Seattle, Washington. Additional information can be obtained by contacting Gregory Sancewich, Senior Real Property Agent at 206-903-7216 or Kevin Workman, Real Property Director at 206-370-5561 and on Sound Transits website at www.soundtransit.org.
PostedMarch 09, 2018