This should be a nice litter for performance as well as companionship. The pedigree of these pups is rich with some of the best field dogs in history, the sire is a four time GMPR as well as a MH, and both parents are amiable, happy, well structured, family companions, too. In addition to the pedigree, we pay particular attention to good health, we check for inherited diseases before we breed for good hips, good eyes, good heart, normal elbows, and run DNA tests our dogs for inherited diseases such as EIC, CNM, & PRA. We require that both parents be clear on both alleles before we breed. No dog is perfect, but we do our best. We love what we do and do it right.

Please find attached the pictures of sire and dam.

Sire - 4xGMPR Stk's Tub Full Of Mallard's MH call name " Ted" owned by Shade Tree Kennels.

Dam - HFR's Rebel's Fowl Weather Friend
5 gen pedigree http://www.huntinglabpedigree.com/extpedigree.asp?id=109323

The puppies are introduced to scent once they are born, and will continue this until they go home. We also introduce them to birds, water ( depending on the weather), early training and more.

While here, remind us to asses or go ahead and assess for yourself or with a friend for traits you are looking for in a field dog (ie retrieving, scent, reaction to birds, water etc) as well as test for family traits, which we can assist you with a personality test that we use for service dogs.

One pup from every litter is donated to guide dogs for the blind or other reputable service company. It is our way of giving back to a community that has been so good to us. At about 5 weeks of age, the agency will be selecting their pup. We will hold it until 8 weeks of age for them. Other than that, we do not pre sell or pre advertise generally. We want to make sure each pup has good health, know their traits ( we have a board that tracks them from birth) and make sure they are the best companions possible before offering them up to the public.

As soon as they are born, we have them vet checked and dewclaws removed. All services that should be done by a vet are done by a vet such as dewclaws, vaccines, microchips, check ups, wormings etc... We know ourselves and other breeders are fully capable of doing these, but only a vet can pick up an abnormality of the heart for instance and the vets know what pathogens are around, such as the new H1N1 for dogs... we rely on the veterinarians to offer the best health services and practices to our pups before they go home. It is just another way we are a little different.

When our pups go home, a packet of their heritage goes with them, so you can learn more about their history, see pictures of not only the parents but their fore fathers and understand what makes them so great. In addition we send home quality dog food, toys, bowl & a book and DVD on puppy training.

In case you did not notice, Ted, the sire, is a pointing lab, and WHAT a pointing lab he is! Ted is in the Pointing Lab Hall of Fame. The dam is currently enrolled for the summer to compete in dock dogs, where her brothers and sisters are competing, many of whom have been to the World Championships. We hope that this is her year for the worlds. If you would like to know more about the heritage, please do not hesitate to ask. 253-344-0831
Wishing you all the best!
(253) 344 - 0831
PostedApril 07, 2017

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