• White Mini Husky/Eskimo Puppies

($1,000) White Mini Husky/Eskimo - I have some awesome little "Huskimo" puppies. They're a gorgeous blend of Alaskan Klee Kai and Miniature American Eskimo. This breed tends to be very good-natured little dogs - friendly, mellow temperament but plenty of energy to keep up with your exercise and recreation routines. They are very smart and are usually easily trained. Their mother has the beautiful Husky markings and their father River is a pure white, show quality, UKC registered, Mini American Eskimo. They are the perfect size and temperament for apartment living (small to medium MINIATURES). Not barky or yappy.

My nieces chose, what I think are strange names, for these puppies. They are named after "Fairy Tale" anime cartoon characters.

MACADO is the most cuddly of all. He's mostly white with slight silver on his head and his back near his tail. He'll be about 17-18 pounds fully grown.

NATSU is a little but sturdy guy that is full of energy and fun. He'll be about 14-15 pounds grown.

TOMOE is the biggest. He'll be about the size of his mom. 20 pounds. He is very alert and curious. He's such a handsome boy and will be a great recreation buddy.

I have more pictures and videos, so email me, text me or call me for more information. Kathy 541-218-9958 mylittlehusky@att.net
(541) 218 - 9958
Mini Husky
PostedJuly 16, 2017

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