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BEAUTIFUL BABIES!!! These are a blend of Mini American Eskimo/Alaskan Klee Kai/Pomeranian. Unlike the Siberian or Alaskan Husky/Pomeranian Pomsky, these are guaranteed to stay small. It's often hard to get these exceptional looks in the small Pom-pom size. If you love the look of the Husky but prefer a smaller size, our Pomskies will be the perfect breed for you.

KATE ($2,500) - will be the smallest (borderline TOY) and likely between 9-10 pounds. She has a fluffy soft coat with PERFECT markings and such a sweet personality.

MEGHAN ($2,300) - is very dark with slight silver Husky markings. It's likely that those markings will also become more prominent as she grows up. She will be about 12 pounds. She has a very lovable and bouncy personality.

HARRY ($2,300) - is very dark as well but his markings are already starting to become more defined. He'll be a beautiful dog and so super outgoing. He'll be 11 pounds.

They are often more beautiful as adults than they are as puppies. Easy to train. They are also territorial, so they usually learn their boundaries and don't have the tendency to stray or run away like the typical Husky. Our dogs are extremely lovable and want to be with you as much as you will let them. They are very alert and let you know when anything out of the ordinary occurs, but not excessively barky. They make the most awesome little companions.

We have plenty of pictures and even some videos with more to come as the weeks go by. CASH, CREDIT or PayPal. Check out our website for more information. Start with the Available Puppies page check out our other pages too.


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Eskie/Klee Kai/Pom
PostedJanuary 11, 2018

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