• JUST 2 LEFT!!! Mini Husky Puppies

JUST 2 LEFT!!! Mini Husky Puppies

We've got 2 adorable little "Mini Husky" puppies left. They are each a perfect blend of Alaskan Klee Kai and Miniature American Eskimo. Kira (the mom) is 19 pounds and very quiet, mild-mannered and cuddly. She's Klee Kai/Eskie. Little River (the dad) is purebred Mini American Eskimo and weighs only 15 pounds. He's very talkative and affectionate as well.

SPRUCE ($900-male) has a gorgeous white Husky look. He will be bigger than both parents. His growth chart is putting him right at 30 pounds. That's why his price is lower. He's taking after the bigger lineage from his ancestry. 30 pounds is still very small for a Husky and it's quite desirable for for endurance. Hiking, running, etc... He's super smart and loving. He has such a loving, carefree spirit. He's outgoing like his dad but pretty quiet like his mom.

JUNIPER ($2,300-female) is just so perfect. She has her daddy's fluffy coat with very unique husky markings. She will be small like her daddy which also makes her perfect for almost every lifestyle and living arrangements. She's very playful but so sweet and gentle.

Feel free to call me or text. Visit our website for additional pictures and videos and just kind of an opportunity to get to know our "family".
Kathy :-)
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Mini Husky
PostedDecember 04, 2017

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