• Australian (shepherd) and (golden) Retriever

1 Australian Retriever baby, which is a Golden/Aussie hybrid cross.
Beautiful, calm, and intelligent, this Golden/Aussie hybrid baby (only 1 remains) is just now 8 weeks old... b-date 4/10
The Australian Retrievers are a special blending of the spirited Australian Shepherd with high intelligence and endurance/strength with the bulletproof social reliability of the Golden Retriever. Haters should research their attributes before writing to call them just another crossbreed mutt. The families who are lucky enough to have them are thrilled... and so am I.
Questions about this breed? Google "Australian Retriever" in order to see how they develop as well as what type of disposition other's claim about them.
While you're at it, Google lifespan of English Cream Golden as compared to a standard Golden Retriever as you will find they live on average 2 years longer than the standard. I expect him to live a nominal 15 years by the special combination of bloodlines he has.
They all have the black tri traditional markings of the Aussie, but will have the musculature and confirmation (appearance) of the Golden Retriever. They will be medium light to medium heavy depending on the pup... substantial, but not too much. They also approximate the appearance of a small Burmese mountain dog. (again, without the huge size and appetite!)
Please note: I must learn about your home circumstances FIRST before I'll even consider re-homing... do not prioritize price first... tell me a little about why a pup might work in your life. The homing fee will be suited to their background breeds.
Overall health is excellent. Recently wormed but not vaccinated. You will need to arrange vaccination along with anything else determined necessary for health. Parvo is a killer. You must vaccinate.

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Australian Retriever (golden and aussie)
PostedJune 10, 2017

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