• Adorable F1 Goldendoodle Puppies!

GoldenDoodles - Standard Poodle x Golden Retriever
This is hands down my FAVORITE of ALL DOODLES!!! This is a combination of the
two most intelligent breed of dogs. This combination produces dogs that are
highly intelligent, athletic, loving, intuitive, and beautiful! Their coats are normally VERY LOW to non shedding and usually keep the big soft
shiny curls. They are wonderful with children, are naturally well behaved, even tempered, VERY easy to train and adaptable to almost any living situation. It is a very people oriented breed and they LOVE to be wherever their family is!
It really is the BEST of the Doodle breeds!
By the time you take one of our puppies home, he/she will have two vaccinations, wormed twice and dew claws removed. We have started on potty training and socializing.General adult weight range Females: 50-60 lbs. Males: 65-70 lbs. These weights are approximate- occasionally there will be puppies that mature larger than expected. :)
Both parents are onsite, we welcome visitors!
Thank you!
(509) 930 - 2272
PostedDecember 05, 2017

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