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For sale is this totally bitchin Camaro! I love this car, and bought it to fix it up but ended up getting contracted for a job out of state and will be gone for at least a year. Someone needs to be out enjoying this car!

This is the carburetor version, with a 5.0L V8, automatic transmission, and 180K+ on the odometer. The engine runs great, with new valve cover gaskets installed, due to the old factory ones leaking. I did an oil change after replacing the gaskets as well. Now the thing is sealed up nice and tight, no drips or burning oil. New battery was put in as well, since the old one wouldn't hold charge.

As far as the interior goes, the thing is in good shape. New dash and headliner (both were done prior to my ownership), as well as a powered bucket seat on the drivers side, which was not stock on this model. The only thing missing is the original radio, which was gone before I got it. I had intended to put in a new one but just didn't end up having the time. I verified that all the connections going to it are good, and I ohm'd out the speakers and made sure they all check out. Other than that everything is factory stock.

As for the body, i'll let the pictures do the talking.

In all honesty I love this car and am sad to see it go, but I know that leaving it sitting around for a year won't do it any favors so someone should have fun with it.

This is a cash only transaction, and the car is being sold as is. If you want to test drive it bring a valid driver's license, and I will require cash in hand prior to test driving. If you crash the car or damage it during the test drive, it's a "you break it, you buy it" kind of deal.
Camaro Z28
2 DR Coupe
PostedJuly 16, 2017

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