DESPERATELY SEEKING Russell O'Hara who helped me while the love of my life was dying. We lived in Reno at the time. I had become a 24/7 caregiver for paralyzed stroke patient. Russell helped me greatly with everyday chores and with caregiving. When we were forced to leave Reno, Russell returned to Seattle area where he could be nearer family. My spouse has died and now I am in need of help. I have effectively been out of circulation for 2 months, but on 5/11 Russell left a message on my voicemail. I have attempted MANY times to return call, but get a recorded message saying that his phone is unable to receive incoming calls and/or texts. Police and Verizon are unable to help because Russell 's number is a cell number and they are unable to determine exact location for a safety check. PLEASE help me find RUSSELL O'HARA. Helping me will help him.
(775) 233 - 0559
PostedJune 30, 2019

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